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Supporting Staff as They Seek Work Life Balance

I often hear hiring managers say, "We promote an atmosphere of work life balance". The interesting thing about this is, work life balance means something different to everyone so how do you effectively promote this? You have heard me say this before, communication is king. Take an interest in what is going on with your employees. Is it important for Suzy to drop her children off to school in the morning? Is this something we can accommodate by adjusting her schedule? It could be as simple as allowing someone to take a later lunch so they can meet their loved one, or check on a family member if they are the primary caretaker.

If you are not engaged with your staff and having conversations, chances are you will not know what work life balance means to them. As our boomers are retiring and the availability of skilled workers decreases, organizations will want to do everything they can to attract and retain quality staff. Ensuring that your organization truly supports and values work life balance is one of the many strategies that can be easily implemented while assisting with recruiting and retention efforts.

Happy supported staff are the best recruiters for your organization.

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