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We are in the business of helping businesses and individuals by partnering for performance. From one on one leadership coaching to mediation of difficult workplace situations; strategy development to recruitment and retention efforts; effective communications strategies across multiple stakeholder segments to conflict resolution. We consult on a number of business disciplines including leadership development, human resource functions and employment law, marketing, communications and public relations. Contact us to discuss ways we can work together, create innovative strategies and satisfy your organizational or individual needs.


Let's connect to get your team tuned up. Customer Service can be the differentiator, yet many employees and even leaders fail to recognize the need to serve their internal customer. Not to mention many miss recognizing the various stakeholders of their organization and what it takes to satisfy their needs. Does the thought of Personal Accountability drive your team to new levels of achievement or cause them to cower in a corner? This can be the difference maker. We offer trainings and workshops covering a number of areas: Management & Supervisory Training, Personal Accountability, Networking, Customer Service, Change Management and more. Let's get your group together and talk about ways to achieve personal and organizational success.

Public Speaking

Let's face it... we like to talk and we're told were pretty good at it! We're story tellers and we would love to share our experiences and insights with your team for the betterment of your organization. From topics like, "Women: The Master Negotiators" to "Personal Accountability to Achieve Organizational and Personal Success" to points in-between, we would love the opportunity to chat with your team.

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